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Spiritual Regression

What is Spiritual Regression ?

We now offer Spiritual Regression where you travel back to your immediate prior life, moving through this life gently you follow the soul as it returns to "Spirit,""Heaven," or, "Bardot,"and encounter life-changing experiences as you meet your soul group, discover your soul colour, your tasks in this lifetime and more.

You are guided back to the place between lifetimes, where you have access you information such as the Akashic Records, the Healing Place and more. Here you may ask questions and achieve clarity and direction as you continue your spiritual growth.

You must have experienced a past life regression session prior to a spiritual regression. This three or four hour long hypnosis is intense, and you will have a CD of your experience to take home with you and treasure.


When you come for your spiritual regression it is recommended that you:

  • Are well rested
  • Are well hydrated
  • Free from colds, flu or annoying coughs that might distract you
  • Bring your own recording media as a back-up source
  • Bring with you a list of 5 - 10 significant people in your life
  • Bring a list of questions

Since the session is three to four hours and is very intense, you may need to take an hour or so of solitude to reflect upon your findings. You will definitely benefit from this time to begin integrating your new knowledge and continue the process of grounding yourself.

It may be recommended that you do not drive for at least 30 minutes following a session.


How Can Spiritual Regression Help me?

Excellent for Spiritual Growth and Guidance, this is a must for all those seeking answers to those eternal questions !

  • Your soul name - "Who am I?"
  • Your spirit guide(s)
  • Life Purpose - "Why am I here?," "What should I be doing?"
  • Your soul group - those you travel with throughout the ages
  • Your soul colours - your spiritual advancement & qualities
  • Your primary soul mates - those you journey with the most
  • Meeting your Council of Elders - advisors and wise people
  • Reviewing Past Lives from a higher perspective
  • Origin - did you first incarnate on anther planet or earth?


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